Eco-Friendly Christmas Trees

A Christmas Dilemma

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I know what you’re thinking…there is no way plastic is good for the planet!! But what if plastic can be used in a good way?

Every year hundreds, even thousands, of people debate whether or not they should buy a real tree or spring for the longer lasting plastic tree. Most people think, what is more eco-friendly? The truthfully answer is: It really depends.

What’s right for you

If you are going to use your plastic tree for a very long time then plastic may be a better option for you. If you don’t really celebrate Christmas and once you go off to college and don’t plan on buying a Christmas tree, then buying a real tree may be a better option because eventually it will decompose, right? When buying a Christmas tree you should take into consideration, will I use my plastic tree for a long time or when I move  out of my parents house, or will I choose to buy a real Christmas tree? 

A Rainbow Tree

My family has been buying real Christmas trees up until last year. My mom had brought home a rainbow Christmas tree (Not as cool as it sounds) and my twin sister and I took one look at it and told her there was no way we were ever letting her put up that tree. Naturally, my mom was very sad and we had to reach a compromise. We decided to buy another fake tree. (Mom could put up her rainbow tree after my sister and I go to college.) This time my sister and I were going to make sure it was green. We bought a beautiful tree but it was not eco-friendly. (It does have LED lights) At the time I gave little to no thought about whether or not the tree was eco-friendly. All I cared  about was that the tree was not rainbow. Thinking back now I wonder, what if we could have bought a fake tree that was made out of recycled plastic things. Unfortunately, eco-friendly fake trees can *cost up to $1,000 US dollars.*

What I believe

I believe that buying an already recycled plastic tree is better for the environment than purchasing a real tree. Because plastic is more durable than real trees the plastic tree will last longer than the real one. (By like, decades) About 20 to 30 million people purchase a Christmas Tree each year. Imagine if all of those people bought a tree that was made out of plastic that was recyclable! (When the trees are cut down they release about 80,000 tons of CO2!!) Not only would we be taking plastic out of the oceans we would be reducing a lot of carbon dioxide. 

Ending-It’s up to you

In the end, it is up to you to choose what type of tree you want to buy. Whether you prefer the piney scent of an evergreen or the durable and reusable fake tree. I personally believe that if made correctly a plastic tree can be a bonus. Plastic is bad for our world, but if we choose to use it correctly we can use plastic to our advantage without hurting our planet.

Before you click out..

* Oncor Recycled Trees are eco friendly fake trees. Oncor Recycled Trees are 100% lead-free and made completely out of  recycled materials. Please check out their site!*

Feel free to leave me a comment and let’s get the conversation started!

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