Having all been born in California they all moved to Durango within a year of each other and miraculously live only a block and a half from each other. In 2016 when all three girls were in 2nd grade, they became best friends and attended the same schools until 6th grade. Halfway through seventh grade, at age twelve, they came up with a climate saving idea. Because of COVID-19, they knew that it was too dangerous to gather for an in-person march. Instead, they came up with an idea on how to spread awareness without having to be close to people. Kids4theclimate.com was born. A place where kids can blog about how they feel about climate change from home. As the future generation of the world, we believe it is our responsibility to take action right now to stop climate change. We hope that you will join our fight and mission against climate change!

– Madeline, Alix, and Chloe