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Are your Christmas Ornaments  Recyclable?

Drop! Crack!  Shatter! Your lovely Santa Christmas ornament just broke! Your mother comes rushing into the room after she hears the shatter.  She peers down at the broken pile of recyclable glass. She quickly grabs a dustpan and a broom. Once the glass is in the dustpan she walks over to the recycling bin. You both exchange a smile. For you, both know that this glass is special. It’s recyclable. 

Ornaments Break 

Millions of people every year around the holiday season face broken ornaments that are non-recyclable, including myself. At least every single year at Christmas time an ornament breaks in my house. (Most of them are thanks to my cat) Most Christmas ornaments are not recyclable, possibly including yours. 

Why should I have Recyclable Ornaments? 

Millions of Christmas ornaments are thrown away in the trash every year. Then they are brought to the dump where they will spend the rest of eternity. If you have recyclable ornaments, you can put them into the recycling bin when they break. Then they will go to a recycling plant, then they will transform into a new object. Who knows, maybe it will even be a new ornament. 

Replace your Ornaments as they Break

As your ornaments break, it is a great opportunity to replace them with recyclable ornaments. Recyclable ornaments include recyclable glass, paper, recycled plastic (That can be recycled again), and many other materials. I know that when my ornaments break I will definitely be replacing them with recyclable ornaments. 

Not all of your Ornaments have to be Recyclable

I am not saying that all of your Christmas ornaments have to be recyclable, nor do you have to replace all of your ornaments with recyclable ones. You may have a family heirloom or a very special ornament that is non-recyclable. But if over 50% of your ornaments are recyclable it would help out the environment a lot when they break! 

Paper Ornaments

On my Christmas tree, we definitely have a few ornaments that are made from paper. If you prefer to have paper ornaments instead of glass it is totally fine! Paper ornaments are just as effective in saving the environment and climate as recyclable glass ornaments.

Replace with Recyclable 

In the end, if you replace the majority of your ornaments with the majority of ones that are recyclable you will help prevent ornaments from going to the dump yard every year. So the next time you hear the Drop! Crack! Shatter! You can quickly clean up the mess and recycle the broken ornament.  

If you are a DIY’er here are some fun ornaments you can make by yourself or with your family:

If you are not a DIY’er, check out this cool place to buy ornaments made from recyclable materials.

I’d love to see what you make. Leave a comment or post a photo and share it with me!


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