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Alix interviews Kevin L’Heureux, a lifelong entrepreneur since he was 9. Kevin is the co-founder of Fishbone packaging, a company that makes eco-friendly cardboard carriers for soft drinks and beer.  His company is helping rid the world and the ocean from plastic pollution. But above all, he is helping save the planet which of course we love!

Learn more about Fishbone Packaging.

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  • Alix! You are such a natural conversationalist – this was so interesting and inspiring! I love that Fishbone can help smaller businesses have cool looking packaging as well as the big guys. I’m so proud of you for doing this important reporting! xox

  • It sounds like FISHBONE will be in the small package domain for takeout instead of plastic. We need it now, especially with all the new takeout this year which will probably continue as a ‘way of life.’ Onward Fishbone!
    And, thank you, Alix, for being one of the creators, with your sister, Maddie, of this Blog.
    You certainly have made it possible, in this interview, to bring us into the very broad possibility of less plastic…This was so interesting, has a grand future; thank you, Alix, for introducing us to FISHBONE.

  • Wow Alix,
    Great interview, and I love how natural you are at getting right into the important information, and at the same time being light and spontaneous, with your comments. Really awesome job! I’ll look for fishbone packaging next time I get some drinks.


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