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Madeline chats with Tracey Rosensteel who created Pooch Paper which is an eco-friendly way to pick up your dogs poop and help save the planet. It is biodegradable in about 60 days, unlike plastic poop bags that take centuries.  Tracey is a very accomplished entrepreneur and we are so excited to use her pooch Paper ourselves!

You can find Pooch Paper online and possibly in a store near you!

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  • What a great, informative interview about a fantastic product! You are a natural Maddie, I LOVED watching you do your thing! I’m so proud of you I almost cried. For reals. I’ma get Mokee some of these bags asap. xox

  • Such an important product and what an important interview you developed, Maddie. Two very poised women, each with charm and determination! And, the creation of “pooch paper” in itself is quite a miracle for everyone, the picker-upper, and the rest of our world. Interviews like this one, Maddie, are gifts to us all; your questions of Tracey certainly illuminated why we all need to include “pooch paper” on our shopping lists.


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