There are many ways you can help end climate change,  one of the easiest things you can do at home is to recycle! Recycling is an easy way to reduce our carbon footprint on Earth. 

What can I recycle? 

You can recycle:

Glass bottles and jars
 paper such as, newspapers, magazines And mixed papers
Rigid Plastic Products
Metal containers including, tin, aluminum, and steel cans
Food waste, if you’re City Has an Organics collection program 

How do I get a recycling bin?

It depends on where you live,  but usually you pay a monthly fee and a Truck similar to a garbage truck will come weekly and pick up your recycling. 

What happens to my recycling?

Once the recyclables are sorted by material, they are baled into compact cubes. Recycled paper is often used in toilet paper, egg cartons, and paper towel rolls. The bales of metals are sent to smelting facilities where they are further processed before being manufactured into new products.Recycled metal can be used to make a variety of products like aluminum or tin cans, file cabinets, or tin foil. Recycled glass is sent to glass processing facilities, then it can be recycled an infinite number of times, so recycled glass is often manufactured right back into what it was: bottles and jars. Plastic bales are sold to plastic recycling facilities where they are most often down-cycled into things like lawn furniture, garbage cans, carpets, and park benches etc.


 In conclusion recycling is an easy way help reduce our carbon footprint as an individual. Please consider looking into recycling in your city, even if you can’t get a recycling bin you can try arts and crafts with your old trash I hope this encouraged you start recycling your waste, and helping to save the planet! 

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