Eco- Friendly Wrapping Paper

The Errors Of Wrapping Paper


 Wrapping paper. Yay! Whenever someone brings out wrapping paper it usually means presents. Birthday! Christmas! Get well! Presents! But did you ever stop to wonder what’s actually in the paper? Did you know that 4.6 billion lbs of wrapping paper is made each year? And that half of that is thrown in landfills? What if everyone used eco-friendly wrapping paper instead?  

 What Is Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper?

Now some of you might be wondering: “What is eco-friendly wrapping paper?”  or; “This obviously isn’t  important because I haven’t heard of it!” or maybe;

“Sounds hard, I’m too lazy to do that.” Eco-friendly wrapping paper is very important and helpful. It can prevent a lot of plastic and paper that would normally be thrown in the trash. It is always made of 100% recyclable materials and in fact, is usually made out of materials that have already been recycled.

The looks of Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “ But, regular wrapping paper is so much prettier!” But what if I were to tell you that that is not true? I used to just buy regular old wrapping paper at the store because the eco-friendly options were brown paper bags. But, when I was surfing the web recently, I came across a beautiful website (Wrappily) that had the most stunning wrapping paper!. And it was made from 100% recyclable newsprint. Awesome! Same with ribbons, which are usually made with problematic materials such as plastic. (Plastic can be good in some scenarios, but that’s another topic.) 

The End.

Anyway, as I was saying Wrappily’s ribbon is fully recyclable. But now I bet that some of you are wondering; What’s the catch? And I am happy to give the answer: There is none! So, when you go to grab wrapping paper, please consider the Eco-friendly option. 

Wrappily has cool stuff.  Check out their website to purchase some eco-friendly  wrapping paper here:

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  • This article was beautifully writien. The topic sentence got me hooked! My family will definitely be investing in eco-friendly wrapping paper.


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